Statements about bauma CHINA 2016

Exhibitors and visitors exchange knowledge at bauma CHINA 2016

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Chinese Partners’ Testimonials

Jun Qi, Chairman of China Construction Machinery Association, China
“bauma CHINA 2016 brings us a lot of innovative products from exhibitors around the world. It is a great event for the construction machinery industry. This year, the exhibition opens against a background market in deep restructuring. However, the results are better than our expectations either in the exhibitor or visitor numbers. The success of the exhibition reflects the confidence of the exhibitors worldwide towards the Chinese economy as well as the world economy. At the same time, bauma CHINA is a great platform for the communication and exchange between the exhibitors and the users. It is beneficial to the faster, healthier growth of the construction machinery industry.”

Jun Wang, Chairman, President of China Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd., China
“bauma CHINA is a very successful exhibition, with products that meet the market needs and an impressive visitor number.”

Weidong Zhou, Vice President of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Machinery Sub-Council, China
“bauma CHINA 2016 has exceeded our expectations in both the visitor flow and exhibition results. In a way, exhibitions can foretell the market. The results at bauma CHINA prove that the Chinese construction machinery industry is now in a period of slow but steady growth. We are looking forward to its opening in 2018!”

Exhibitors’ Testimonials

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